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Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc. (Allegiance) is very proud to provide administrative services to the Montana University System (MUS) Allegiance Administered Managed Care Plan. We have a dedicated service team and will provide you with the excellent service that Allegiance is known for throughout the United States.

Montana University System is a self-insured plan. The Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, with the advice of the Inter Unit Benefits Committee (IUBC), will continue to design the benefits and maintain fiduciary responsibilities, as well as coordinate communications with the benefits representatives of the Montana University System.

The links to the left will allow you 24 hour access to a variety of information about your claims, enrollment, and the MUS Plan Document.

To submit a question via email not addressed in the information contained in the links to the left, please click on the link “Contact Us” and you will receive a list of ways to contact us. Expect a reply within one to three business days.